"My 10-year-old son was having headaches almost daily. I took him to his pediatrician hoping to find out why. We were given prescriptions for allergy pills and nasal sprays that did nothing to stop the headaches. We tried the ophthalmologist thinking it was possibly eyestrain, but the headaches persisted. On the last visit to the pediatrician, the Dr. suggested we might try migraine medication which would make him drowsy and might not even help. He had been having headaches for almost a year at this point, and taking Tylenol often."

I was seeing Dr. Bean for neck pain myself, but I had not really thought about taking my son to see if chiropractic care could help relieve the headaches Anthony has. Frankly, I was a little intimidated by the idea of having a young child adjusted but the possibility of having Anthony feel better and able to stop taking medication everyday won.

Dr. Bean started adjusting Anthony near the end of September and just 8 weeks later, Anthony is almost headache-free. I am amazed and very grateful to Dr. Bean and his caring and professional staff!

Thank you, so much!"

Allene Brenenstall
Mom and County Employee

"One of my hobbies is competing in Triathlons. I had pain in my hips and back. As the training increased so did the pain. That is when I met Dr. Bean. Thanks to him, I was able to finish the Couer D'Alane Ironman last year. Thanks for all the help Sid!"
Jason Jared California Highway Patrol

"It has been my distinct honor to receive treatment under the professional and compassionate care of Dr. Sidney Bean. He has provided thorough and personalized care to me following a traumatic injury. His understanding, expertise, and personable mannerism have led me to continue ongoing care that I might enjoy the benefits of professional chiropractic care and overall health support offered through his services.."

Bishop Parnell M. Lovelace, Jr.
Center of Praise Ministries
Sacramento, California

"My decision to seek chiropractic care was not simple. Prior to seeing Dr. Bean, I had never been to a chiropractor and was uneasy about it. However, when I became pregnant with my second child I knew from experience that I would need care to address the lower back problems that were sure to arise.

After meeting Dr. Bean and becoming acquainted with his philosophy, I decided to try chiropractic care. In addition to alleviating pain in my lower back, my posture has improved, my once frequent headaches have ceased, and my body feels stronger and healthier. My experiences with Dr. Bean have completely eliminated my previous fears and given me a true appreciation for the benefits of chiropractic care. Not only have I referred my husband to Dr. Bean, but I recommend him to any woman suffering from the natural aches and changes associated with pregnancy."
Liberty Van Natten
College Professor